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COTF Update - December 2020
Dec 22 2020

2020 Awards and Scholarships Recipients | 2021 COTF Research Grant Competition

An appreciation event for health care and allied health care workers
Dec 10 2020

On behalf of the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health for the Government of Canada, we are sharing this invitation with front line workers to attend an appreciation event for health care and allied health care workers.

Date: Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Time: 9:00 AM EST
Please RSVP to Nada Nasri
Invitation (includes Zoom link and passcode)

COTF Monthly – August 2020
Aug 17 2020

New Scholarships for 2020 | Pandemic Awards

COTF Monthly – July 2020
July 16 2020

2020 COTF Scholarship Competition | Pandemic Related Awards

COTF Monthly – June 2020
June 25 2020

2020 COTF: Research Grant Competition Recipients | Scholarship Competition | Pandemic Related Awards

COVID-19 COTF Awards
June 11 2020

COTF is pleased to share an awards proposal related to COVID-19 that is being considered by the COTF Board of Directors. COTF’s COVID-19 Awards Proposal June 2020

COTF Monthly – May 2020
May 22 2020

COVID-19 | 2020 COTF Research Grant Competition | CAOT's Virtual Conference

Rehabilitation for Patients with COVID-19
Apr 17 2020

Guidance for Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, and Assistants

COTF Monthly – April 2020
Apr 16 2020

COVID-19 | How COTF is Adapting to the New Reality

A Message from PEI OT Society Executive Regarding COVID-19
Mar 19 2020

The PEI OT Society would like to acknowledge the challenges and changes created by COVID-19 in this province. We are concerned for our members, their clients, and all families. We trust that you are all following information and recommendations from PEI's Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Heather Morrison. To monitor COVID-19 updates, we encourage you to visit this reliable website: Government of Prince Edward Island - COVID-19. As a society, we are also mindful and appreciative of those who are providing essential services throughout this unprecedented time. The PEI OT Society commends your strength and honours your commitment. We would also like to recognize the hardships that can be related to layoffs, service closures, a decline in referrals, and occupational deprivation. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all of you.

The PEI OT Society is motivated to remain an active advocate and resource for members. PEI OT Society will respect provincial guidelines to abide by social distancing. We welcome any correspondence via email or through PEI Occupational Therapy Society Facebook page with thoughts, ideas, questions, or concerns at this time.

Stay healthy and take care!

PEI OT Society Executive Members

COTF Monthly – March 2020
Mar 19 2020

COVID-19 | 2020 CAOT Conference Cancelled

COTF Monthly – February 2020
Feb 17 2020

2020 COTF Research Grant Competition: deadline — February 28, 2020

COTF Monthly – January 2020
Jan 15 2020

2020 COTF Research Grant Competition and more

COTF Monthly – December 2019
Dec 18 2019

2019 COTF Scholarship Competition Results and more

CAOT Board Nominations 2019
Nov 19 2019

The CAOT Board is looking for nominations for Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Board Directors for Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Nominations deadline is December 1, 2019. More Information

COTF Monthly – November 2019
Nov 15 2019

Mark your calendars! - Giving Tuesday coming up December 3rd

Member Announcement
Oct 31 2019

Since January of this year, the PEI OT Society has had ongoing correspondence with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) regarding compensation for field Occupational Therapists. On this final day of Occupational Therapy month, we are pleased to announce that our recommendations have been received, reviewed, and accepted. As such, the maximum rate for billing codes 249030 and 249031 will be increasing as of November 1, 2019.

Fall 2019 Newsletter
Oct 15 2019

OT Society Social -- This years OT Society Social will take place at The Merchantman Pub Next Door on October 24th from 5:30-8:30. The social is a great time to catch up with fellow OT's and to celebrate this wonderful profession. Read more in PEI OT Society Fall 2019 Newsletter

COTF Monthly – October 2019
Oct 15 2019

COTF is pleased to announce the 2019-2020 Board of Directors

Lobbying for Inclusion of Occupational Therapy Services in Extended Health Benefits Plan
Oct 06 2019

Access to occupational therapy services through extended health insurance programs is limited at best amongst Canadian insurers. Prince Edward Island occupational therapists who work privately require direct payment from their clients, as most do not have third party coverage. The Prince Edward Island Occupational Therapy Society continues to advocate for coverage of occupational therapy in extended health insurance packages, particularly under the public sector group insurance plan that provincial government occupational therapists belong to.

This October, we are asking our membership to take action for occupational therapy by pledging to join us on a path of support. To do so, please take a moment to select a letter template (or generate your own) and submit your letter to the public sector group insurance plan chair of trustees, via email or mail using the address provided on the letter template. Therapists may also want to consider inquiring whether clients wish to submit a letter of support to their respective insurance companies. This October, the PEI OT Society executive members thank you for taking action for OT!

Letter Template 1 | Letter Template 2 | Letter Template 3

COTF Monthly – September 2019
Sep 16 2019

COTF Scholarship Competition: The deadline to apply is October 1, 2019 at 23h59 EST.

COTF Monthly – August 2019
Aug 20 2019

COTF on Social Media | COTF is recruiting a Fundraising Professional | Scholarship Competition | Blog: Marie-Christine Ranger, 2018 COTF Doctoral Scholarship Recipient

COTF Monthly – July 2019
July 16 2019

McGill's Movie Night Event | Catherine Backman, CAOT President's Personal Challenge

COTF Monthly – June 2019
June 14 2019

First of all, thank you to CAOT for the opportunity to be present at the 2019 CAOT Conference in Niagara Falls, ON. COTF was thrilled to be back in full force and the delegates were equally happy to have COTF participate.

COTF is grateful to the volunteers – award recipients, current and past board directors – who were extremely helpful at the Silent Auction tables (including sale of items) and the Social Event at the Ravine Vineyards where the Live Auction occurred (including sale of items). A special thank you to Mary Forhan and Shaniff Esmail who co-auctioned the items at the event, which was fun filled and a great success!

Thank you to all of the in-kind donors. The items were used in the silent and live auctions. Thank you to those of you who purchased the in-kind items as well as the items for sale. Your contributions support COTF's Research and Scholarship program for Canadian OTs.

COTF participation at the Conference included:

  1. Presence at Opening Ceremonies, Opening of Trade Show, Reception for International Guests, Muriel Driver Lecture, Closing Ceremonies.
  2. Participation at the OTC Forum, including being part of the planning group (Katie Churchill); at the Awards Ceremony where President Marjorie Hackett announced COTF Award recipients; at the ACOTPA Meeting
  3. Organization of the Silent Auction and sales of items; COTF Session, facilitated by President, Marjorie Hackett and led by COTF Board Directors, Katie Churchill and Lynn Shaw; Live Auction at the Ravine Vineyards, with reserved tables and sales of items; Breakfast with a Scholar - Crystal Dieleman
  4. Meetings with CAOT and ACOTUP

Below is an unofficial summary of COTF's fundraising efforts:

  1. Live Auction: $5,600
  2. Matching Donations Spearheaded by AOTA Past President, Mary Everitt: $1,550
  3. Reserved Tables: $900
  4. Silent Auction, including sales of Aunt Sarah's chocolate bars, mini boxes of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, wooden COTF wine charms, Hilary Druxman necklaces, COTF Pins: $4,125
  5. Breakfast with a Scholar: $550

Unofficial Total: $12,725

COTF Blog:
The 2018 Barb Worth Emergent Leader Award recipient, Julianne Brown explains the impact of COTF's funding on her project. Her article can be found here.

Donate to COTF:
COTF is the only Foundation in Canada that exclusively supports occupational therapists. It is your Foundation! Donate to COTF by calling COTF at 613-319-6890, make a donation online or mail a cheque to COTF/FCE, 64-2420 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON, K1V 8S1. Donations support COTF awards program, which is for occupational therapists in Canada.

CRA: Share your comments on the proposed Disability Tax Credit Promoters Restrictions Regulations
June 13 2019

The Government of Canada understands that living with a disability can have significant impacts on individuals and their families, and is committed to ensuring that all Canadians, including those living with disabilities, receive the credits and benefits to which they are entitled.

As part of this commitment, the proposed Disability Tax Credit Promoters Restrictions Regulations (the Regulations), were posted in Canada Gazette, Part 1, on June 1, 2019. The Regulations set a maximum fee that a promoter can accept or charge to assist with a Disability Tax Credit (DTC) request. This ensures that more money stays in the hands of persons with disabilities and their supporting family members.

The Disability Tax Credit Promoters Restrictions Act remains inoperative until regulations are created to set the maximum fee that can be charged. The legislation is intended to protect Canadians living with disabilities and their supporting family members by limiting the fees that can be accepted or charged, directly or indirectly, by a promoter who makes a DTC request to the CRA on behalf of a claimant (i.e., an individual who is the subject of a DTC request or who has a dependent on behalf of whom a DTC request is made).

You have until Monday, July 1, 2019, to comment in writing on the proposed Regulations by email or by sending a letter to:

Denyse Bertrand, Senior Policy Analyst
Legislative Policy Directorate, Canada Revenue Agency
320 Queen Street, Place de Ville, Tower A, 6th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0L5

Once all feedback has been analysed by the CRA, if any changes to the proposed regulations must be made, the Treasury Board Committee of Cabinet will review the proposal, and if it is approved, it will make its recommendation to the Governor in Council to approve the proposed regulation. The regulations are made when the Governor in Council signs them, at which time the Privy Council Office will register the Order in Council and the regulations will be published in Canada Gazette, Part II.

To learn more about the Regulations, visit Disability tax credit.

PEI OTS and PEI COT Annual General Meeting
May 31 2019

Reserve your spot for the AGM, being held June 13, 2019 @ 5:30 pm. Location will be Queue, 70 Grafton Street, Charlottetown. Reservations must be received by June 1, 2019 at 12:00 pm. To attend the College portion of the meeting, email Heather Cutcliffe. Following the College AGM, the Society AGM will begin at 6:15. To RSVP to the Society AGM, email Allyson. The AGM is your opportunity to hear about the inner workings, share your voice, or sign up if you are not already a member! We hope to see you there!

COTF's Presence at the 2019 CAOT Conference
May 15 2019

COTF is delighted to announce a full presence at the 2019 CAOT Conference in Niagara Falls, which is now just weeks away! Please support COTF's fundraising efforts! Here are the planned fundraising events:

  • Silent and Live Auctions (COTF is accepting in-kind donations for the auctions. Please contact Sangita Kamblé if you have an item to donate. Official income tax receipts can be issued with item's proof of value.)
  • Sale of local mini box of balsamic vinegar and olive oil; and Canadian chocolates from Aunt Sarah's
  • Locally made wine charm for sale, reserved tables and 50/50 Draw at CAOT social event
  • Breakfast with a Scholar, Crystal Dieleman from Dalhousie University (ticketed event, where tickets can be purchased through CAOT conference registration)

Some of the confirmed items in the auction include: a baby's quilt with rocket ships made and donated by Sandra Hobson | pottery crafted and donated by Linda Petty | a jewelry set from Anne-Marie Chagnon, donated by Paulette Guitard | More than 4 wheels, authored and donated by Sheila Buck | pearl necklace donated by Janna MacLachlan | wine donated by Alison Douglas and Sandra Sahagian Whalen| maple cutting board with soap stone inlay, donated by Kim McGrath | 2 tickets to Come from Away at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto by Adriana Vaduva

Other Events

  • Participation at the OTC Forum
  • Announcement of COTF Award Recipients by the COTF President, Marjorie Hackett at the CAOT Awards Ceremony
  • Facilitation of a session on the importance of clinician-driven occupational therapy research, and the impact of research funded by COTF President, Marjorie Hackett and COTF Board Directors, Katie Churchill and Lynn Shaw

2019 COTF Research Grant Recipients

COTF's 2019-2020 Research and Scholarship Committee met for the first time on April 24, 2019. COTF' Board of Directors approved the committee's recommendation to award the grants to the following recipients:

  • Yolaine Bolduc, McMaster Legacy Grant in Honour of Bonny Jung ($2,000) - L'ergothérapie la nuit : validation d'un outil de transfert de connaissances à l'intention des ergothérapeutes, concernant le sommeil chez les enfants présentant un retard global de développement ou une déficience intellectuelle – Occupational therapy at nigh: validation of a knowledge transfer tool for OTs regarding sleep patterns of children presenting an overall developmental delay or intellectual deficiency
  • Dorothy Kessler, COTF Innovation Research Grant ($5,000) - Usability of a mobile application to enhance clients' engagement in community-based therapy
  • Alexandra Lecours, COTF Mental Health Research Grant ($10,000) - Habiliter les travailleurs à préserver leur santé mentale et leur participation au travail : une analyse phénoménologique de l'expérience d'ergothérapeutes – Empower workers with tools to preserve their mental health and their participation at work: a phenomenological analysis based on the experience of OTs
  • Sandra Moll, COTF Mental Health Research Grant ($10,000) - Advancing the unique role of occupational therapists in the delivery of psychotherapy in Canada: A national study

Congratulations to all of the recipients! Thank you to the COTF Research and Scholarship Committee for its time and dedication.

More information:
Maude Beaudoin, 2018 COTF/Invacare Scholarship Recipient (blog) | Online Awards Database | Share/subscribe to COTF Monthly | Donate to COTF

Announcement from Charlottetown National Bank (Kent Street)
May 8 2019

A couple years back the National Bank put together a financial package specifically for occupational therapists via their National Bank Health Science program.

Currently, the National Bank is the only financial institution that offers such a program for occupational therapists. This program can save money for the large majority of the therapist workforce. Occupational therapists can save anywhere from $800 to $1600 per year in interest and banking fees. It averages out around $1,100/year.

There is also the possibility of National Bank providing a Lunch & Learn for anyone interested in a presentation/synopsis of what they offer via this program.

More information

Spring 2019 Newsletter
May 8 2019
PEI OT Society Spring 2019 Newsletter
Update from Indigenous Services Canada / Non-Insured Health Benefits Program
Apr 16 2019

The NIHB Program provides clients (registered First Nations and recognized Inuit) with coverage for a range of health benefits. Benefits under the NIHB Program include prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications, dental and vision care, medical supplies and equipment, mental health counselling, and transportation to access health services not available locally.

The NIHB Program is pleased to announce that, effective April 15, 2019, a recommendation and/or an assessment report from a registered OT will be accepted for the coverage of a defined list of medical supplies and equipment benefits. This includes items in the following categories: bathing and toileting aids, dressing aids, feeding aids, lifting and transfer aids, mobility aids, wheelchairs, off the shelf orthosis, and compression garments.

More Information

Fall 2018 Newsletter
Oct 12 2018
PEI OT Society Fall 2018 Newsletter
Spring 2018 News and Announcements
May 29 2018
  • PEI OT Society Spring 2018 Newsletter
  • Volunteer Opportunity: A member of the Board of Directors of the Queens County Residential Services (QCRS) has contacted the PEIOT Society because they are in need of a new member for the Board and feel an Occupational Therapist would be a valuable asset. QCRS has a residential program as well as a community support program to support adults with intellectual disabilities. Please contact Allyson McDonell by June 5, 2018 if you are interested in this role and would like more information.
  • The PEIOT Society Annual General Meeting is being held on June 7, 2018 at Queue (next to Pilot House). The meeting begins at 6:00 pm; however, members are invited to come 10 minutes early to sign up ($50 fee).
  • The PEIOT Society will be putting a team in the Walk for ALS and making a donation to the ALS Society. The walk is taking place on June 9, 2018. Please visit Walk for ALS - Prince Edward Island Occupational Therapy Society team page. We will be meeting at Victoria Park at 9:45 am to come together as a group and distribute team t-shirts!
  • Education: CAOT Conference 2018 is taking place from June 19 - June 23, 2018 in Vancouver, BC. Please visit the CAOT website for further information and to register.
CAOT Conference 2017 - June 21-24
June 25 2017
PEI OT Society hosted and collaborated in the organizing of the national CAOT Conference June 21-24 2017. More than 500 delegates attended the conference and provided rave reviews about the conference activities, both the social events as well as the scientific program.
New Websites and Online Registration System
Apr 11 2016
Both the PEIOT Society and PEIOT Registration Board websites now have a new look and lots of new information for occupational therapists, OT clients and their caregivers, and the general public. The PEIOT Registration Board has also developed a new online registration system for occupational therapists practicing in the province of Prince Edward Island, Canada, which will be used for all registration renewals from now on. First-time applicants educated in Canada still have to contact the Registrar directly and submit all necessary documentation. Note that the process of registration for internationally educated occupational therapists involves additional steps.
New Program for Health Professionals — Driving Rehabilitation Therapy
Apr 08 2016
A Driving Rehabilitation Therapy program, the only program of its kind, for licensed and/or regulated health care professionals (OT, PT, SLP) and other professionals working in rehabilitation settings is being offered by Western's School of OT. The application deadline for the Driving Rehabilitation Therapy program is June 30 (for September program start). More information
OT Technician Paul Hughes Receives Award
Jun 22 2015
On June 22nd, 2015 Paul Hughes, OT Technician at the QEH, was the recipient of The PEI Council of People with Disabilities Honorary Service Award in recognition of his many years of volunteer work with maintaining their Snoezelen Room. Congratulations Paul!
Annual General Meeting - June 2015
Jun 16 2015
PEIOT Society Members posing for a group photo at the Annual General Meeting 2015
The Joy Mill Award
Jun 16 2015
Occupational Therapist, Heather Cutcliffe, receiving the Joy Mill Award for Outstanding Contribution to Occupational Therapy on Prince Edward Island during Occupational Therapy Month in October. Manon Gallant, left, Spokesperson for the PEIOTS, presents Ms. Cutcliffe with the award. The award is dedicated to Joy Mill, an Occupational Therapist, who passed away in 2013.
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